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Importance of manufacturing industry

Manufacturing is a secondary economic activity. It is responsible for the economic strenght of a country. Industrial development is regarded essential for higher incomes, eradiction of unemployment and poverty. Location of industries is influenced by several factors, particulorly the cost,availability of labour and raw materials. industries are classified on several bases like raw materials,ownership and … More Importance of manufacturing industry

The making of a global world

Globalisation as we know today usually refers to the economics system tha has come up in the last 50yrs. But making of the global world which gors back to every early times when traders ,travelers,pilgrims,missionaries,etc moved from one place to another in search of opportunity , knowledge, trade or to escape persecution. As they moved … More The making of a global world

10ways to blog post ideas

Finding blog post ideas, tactic #1: Check out your competition’s archivesTo provide better content than your competitors, you need to get acquainted with their archives. Check out what they’ve written about in the past, and what they’re presenting right now. Mimic. Improve. Take inspiration from what has worked for them. Follow your competitors on social … More 10ways to blog post ideas

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